My Journey Into Life Coaching

I have been a full-time minister since 2003. As I have preached, coach christmas sale taught and counseled with individuals over the years I have grown personally in my understanding of God's word, I have grown through varying experiences both positive and negative. I have seen areas of success in my own life as well as failures and disappointments. I have seen the same in others' lives. There is one thing I have found certain in this life, people are hurting, they often feel stuck and often afraid of how to overcome things they are facing. This led me to further increase my study and concentration in practical applications in theology. I started counseling more (Bible based counseling not based on secular psychology). I still provide Biblical Based counseling for members and friends in the community as a part of my ministry.Over the course of the pass couple of years I have grown in my desire to help people in broader ways. In my preaching and Bible studies I have added some additional focus on dealing with life issues and struggles, from marriage to anger. Obviously these have always been topics covered by the church but I had grown in facing the true challenge of the practical application in these studies. In continuing my own growth, study and understanding I began desiring even more ways I could share the truth of scripture, my experiences and my desire to help others. This has led me to start researching a new helping service called Life Coaching.Life coach outlet cyber monday is a fairly new helping service that is one of the fastest growing around the world. The concept of coaching itself is a very familiar concept. Most of us have had some relationship with a coach somewhere along our life's journey if not many times along the seasons' pages. Whether it was a little league baseball coach, or may be a tennis coach, to possibly a school coach that taught us basics in sports during our PE classes, the concept and term of coaching has been around for a long time. So we readily understand a coach from a sports point of view, but what is a life coach?A life coach is someone who partners with a client to help a client reach his/her goal(s). It is not professional counseling. Counseling (in the secular field of psychology) is about therapy. Counseling is often about using evidence based therapy techniques to help a patient examine and deal with the past. Past relationships, pains and unresolved issues that are causing a heightened sense of anxiety or pain in the present are often reasons someone might seek out counseling. Now it can be said that counseling is often broader that the definition I just gave but hopefully it will suffice to illustrate this point: coach outlet cyber monday deals is not counseling.Coaching is a service in which a coach comes along side of a client to help them evaluate who they are, the goal or goals they are trying to reach and the resources they posses to reach those goals. The world leader and most well-known coach accrediting agency, The International Coach Federation says this about coaching.Coach cyber monday is not a replacement, nor a substitute for counseling but an entirely different process. If someone is in need of counseling and can benefit from the therapeutic process of counseling they should seek out a counselor or psychiatrist (of course my encouragement here would be a Biblical and doctrinal sound Christian counselor.) However, if a person is otherwise emotionally, mentally and physically stable but feels they are in a "rut" and are not progressing towards goals they have set for themselves, a life coach specializing in whatever area or niche the client is seeking could be of great help.The next logical question would be how does coaching work? As we already said cyber monday coach is not counseling, and just so we are clear coaching is also not consulting or mentoring. Coaching can, and sometimes does draw from these different fields; however, coaching is about a one on one relationship to help a client get results in their life. A coach brings to bear a certain tool set, of active listening and assessment to help the client discover or realize who they are. In my case, as a Christian coach, who God made them to be. A coach will also help the client see where they want to go and what it will take to get there.We will assume at this point I have helped Mr. Smith to realize a goal, he has decided he needs to have better communication with his wife. Here is where I, as the coach, can draw on my experiences with other couples, including my own marriage, to help establish and give context to the clients own struggles. By drawing on similar situations l am looking to accomplish a couple of things. One to show forth the experience on my part to be able to help the client. Secondly, to show hope in the situation. Past frustrations often leave people devoid of hope. This has to be re-established to affect change.