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My Journey Into Life Coaching

I have been a full-time minister since 2003. As I have preached, coach christmas sale taught and counseled with individuals over the years I have grown personally in my understanding of God's word, I have grown through varying experiences both positive and negative. I have seen areas of success in my own life as well as failures and disappointments. I have seen the same in others' lives. There is one thing I have found certain in this life, people are hurting, they often feel stuck and often afraid of how to overcome things they are facing.

Proven Principles for Those Training to Become a Life Coach

Congratulations! So, you have made up your mind that becoming a life coach outlet black friday is your life calling, and have embarked on this amazing journey with great expectations.In addition, if I am right, you are still gathering facts and mulling over a few key points that may have cropped up during your research.

the perspective of specific knowledge

There are four distinct levels of coach and as you move from one level to the other, the need for skill and experience increases commensurate with the complexity of the coaching process.Level 1 coach handbags outlet is typified by the coaching process being in the hands of the person being coached, which means that they drive the agenda rather than the coach. This is where most of the coaches in existence (up to 80% of the coaching population) operate. The focus of the coaching effort tends to be on life skills and career coaching. There is a significant gap in experience, knowledge and skills between coaches operating at this and the other levels.Life Skills Coaches will have arrived in the coaching role from a variety of routes; some from training; some from a period of redundancy; in fact - just about anyone, from just about anywhere. They do not need any specialist knowledge, or experience. Some will have been trained; a few will hold a qualification; most will have picked up their coaching knowledge and skills from books or from attending a short course.Some are very dangerous. They will be self-taught psychoanalysts and can often be found exploring people's deep routed emotional problems without the ability or experience to know when to stop. They seek to advise people how to be healthy, wealthy, and happy. Most will certainly not be wealthy. Others might be healthy. Significant numbers are blissfully happy to have anyone to listen to them.Some will have bought an expensive franchise offering untold wealth; most will be earning below average incomes. Some will be advertising themselves as Executive Coaches (Level 4); most will never actually engage in anything close to Executive Coaching.Career Coaches are usually to be found in-company; sometimes employed from external sources; often they are in the HR Department. In the same way as the Personnel Department became the HR Department, 'Jack and Jill from personnel' - became 'Jack and Jill, the Career Coaches'.Career Coaches will be probably be annoyed that I have placed them at Level 1, implying that they don't need specialist knowledge or experience. Nevertheless, it is true. That said, many internal Career coach clearance will have undergone various levels of formal training; some via the CIPD route; some will use career preference inventories to help them add a pseudo form of credibility to their efforts.As with life skills coaching, career coaching is often disguised as executive coaching although it bears little resemblance to the executive coaching process described at Level 4 here. Career coaching offered to senior managers is usually a precursor to sending them on an expensive study programme in a European Business School which for many has no outcome other than an attendance certificate. No one fails. The only time career coaching is offered to lower levels of employees is when redundancy follows and the expense of providing career coaching is seen as an unavoidable cost in order to mitigate industrial disruption and employment appeals.The coaching process at Level 2 is focussed on business outcomes and is driven by the coach. This is why a significant number of coaching initiatives in companies have failed, and continue to fail. The reason being that the people involved in being a Level 2 Coach are either only being trained at Level 1 - which is not a lot; or not trained at all.A lot of companies who they say their managers have been trained as IT Toolbox-icon, have invested at best two days, and at worst half a day in training their managers as coaches. In addition, the coaching models being used begin with the employee's agenda, not the manager's, and not the organisation. A classic example would be the use of the GROW model, which begins with either.Sales Coaches should have some experience of sales. Not from the perspective of specific knowledge of the product and/ or service being sold, but of the emotional pressures associated with being in a sales role. Salespeople are very sceptical of coaches who do not have sales experience. Whether this is right or wrong is immaterial. The reality is that you will tend to get on better with the target audience if you understand about selling from experience. And getting on with the salesperson is important. Sales coaching in this form works because the coaching relationship is built on trust. Trust from the salesperson of the coach; that performance short-falls and experimentation to improve will not be criticised, even though any lack of effort might. Trust from the coach of the salesperson that the latter is trying to improve and not just pretending.The Sales Coach does not need a significant amount of knowledge about the product and/ or service the salesperson is selling, but it could reduce the amount of time needed to help the salesperson focus on improvement solutions. On the other hand, often, prior in-depth knowledge of the product and significant experience of the actual sales role can often be a barrier to effective sales coaching. Quite often, the less you know, the better the coaching questions are.In sales coaching there has to be a clearly defined sales process - the Game Plan. Without a clearly defined game plan, the Coach will be working at Level 1. A game plan focuses both the Sales Coach and the salesperson on what has to be done, and how it to be done, in order to elicit an outcome - the performance. If performance is low, then either the game plan doesn't work and needs to be changed or the salesperson is not following the game plan - and might have to be changed. Once you have a game plan, it can be enhanced in order to enhance performance but not in one day and not all at once. This brings me to the last point in Level 2 Sales Coaching - timescale.

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